Precast - The New Era of Concrete Construction

Precast construction is fast, reliable and economical; it optimizes architectural freedom while saving on both material and labor resources.

Premco Precast is about customized precast solutions that meet today's global standards of structural and architectural design. We are committed to maximizing the life span of every building long after the initial project completion.


Precast is one of the most resource efficient building methods in the construction industry. With professional precast solutions, there are more opportunities to use less of everything; precast generally requires less concrete, less steel, less water, less scaffolding, and less labor than cast in-situ construction, which means a much smaller carbon footprint overall. Building with precast concrete is more than an immediate economical advantage; it is really about caring for future generations. Concrete is the most common building material on earth, with the only exception of water, and not without good reason; it's non-toxic, eco-friendly, and composed of natural materials; it does not molder, rust, or burn; and it can even be recycled.
Construction projects utilizing precast solutions generate less waste -- waste that would otherwise require additional costs and handling in order to properly dispose or recycle. What's more, precast solutions offer a safer and healthier working environment; material handling is easier, more controlled, and less dangerous scaffolding is required during the assembly stage.
Through a more tightly controlled production and assembly process, Premco Precast builds solutions that are best for you and better for the environment.
Premco Precast products are designed to provide a healthy environment to meet the needs of a variety of lifestyles, as well as for work or play. By using durable, sustainable and safe materials that are ultimately better for both people and the environment, we are safeguarding a quality standard of living for generations to come.
When it comes to choosing naturally safe building materials that will last, Premco Precast is the ideal choice. Protect your investment by choosing an affordable, eco-friendly product that cannot be more simple to put into place.
Premco Precast gets your project off the ground and rolling with the expertise and know-how to make your vision a reality. Our key to success is in the details; we tailor our products to your specific needs and ensure you have consistent results.
If you're looking for something new, we will create it with you. When plans change or challenges arise, our technical support and trouble-shooting is where the experience of our team will really prove their worth. Backed by years of training, and a portfolio including some of the most impressive projects in Egypt, our team is there so that you confidently take on whatever surprises may come along. What's more is that we deliver on time and within budget, which means you can be rest assured that you'll have no costly project delays and no down-time.
We have perfected the process so that its streamlined and reliable. Premco Precast solutions result in a cost-effective, sustainable structure that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable. But our job doesn't stop there; we continue servicing our products to ensure that they deliver what was promised for years to come.


With each delivery comes responsibility. Our commitment is a quality product and knowledgeable support every step of the way.

We understand better than anyone the level of intimacy that the design team develops with a project from its infant stages. That's why at Premco Precast, we like to keep it personal. We want to know every detail of a building right from the get go, and work closely with architects and engineers to ensure that the project lives up to its expectations.
Like good parents, we see the distinctive character underlying every project, and we provide the essentials and the guidance for it to achieve its full unique potential.
Deadlines. Budgets. Weather conditions. We know the endless thoughts and concerns that keep contractors awake at night. Though worrying may seem inevitable, its just one of the many burdens Premco Precast can lighten, with concrete precast building solutions that streamline ef´Čüciency .
We start working beside you before the job even begins and remain committed long after it is done. Reliable partners. Restful nights.
Each developer is as unique as their project; some are motivated primarily by costs; others prioritize sustainability or aesthetics. From experience, we know that most developers are really seeking some variation of the three, which is why we offer the most versatility in our products and services.
Our integrated design strategy allows us to plan out the entire building up front with the whole project team. With a comprehensive plan, which takes into account everything from appearance and functionality to the raw materials of the building, we provide a precast solution that results in a cost-effective, sustainable structure, which is also aesthetically pleasing.